everyone matters is an advocacy group for the financial services industry to advance the way we build teams and talent to drive creativity and problem solving

Why everyone matters

It’s more apparent than ever before that we need to find ways to drive more creativity and transformational behaviour to address the big issues facing us today.

Everyone Matters is an advocacy platform for the financial services industry. We exist to promote the power of more inclusive teams and thinking to help the industry meet its common purpose to address the big challenges facing our future such as climate change, biodiversity loss and societal change arising from factors such as the transition to a low carbon economy.

Creativity and problem solving are also key skills needed in the world of work by 2025.

Workplaces and teams succeed in driving better decision-making through creative influence, knowledge and understanding when they bring people together across different backgrounds, experiences and beliefs.

Everyone has a voice.

Everyone has a part to play to help address the challenges from a changing world.

We believe that inclusive thinking and more inclusive workplaces will lift creative thinking and positively impact in the way we help address the challenges of tomorrow.

Why get involved?

Our ambition is to promote the power of equality and inclusive thinking through regular forums for everyone. We’ll also bring together interesting speakers that will help you expand creative thinking and influence.

We always think about tomorrow. At our forums and other events, we’ll connect you with senior decision makers across the industry to build your network, share perspectives and promote creative thinking through exchange. We can all learn from each other.

We’ll facilitate peer-to-peer networking opportunities so you can learn about the power of cognitive diversity and the way it can impact how we address the big issues like societal change, climate risk and biodiversity loss. You can bring these ideas and thinking back to your workplace.

An opportunity to acquire new creative thinking skills so you can be equipped as the workplace changes.

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Our values define who we are and how we work

Our values express how we want to make our mark on the world, which is to shine a light on the link between inclusion and more positive outcomes for the environment, and expand cognitive diversity in financial services to create impact in how we address climate change, biodiversity loss and the society in which we live.

As a not-for-profit, our values are also the thread that defines how we work. They support everything we say and do.

As a not-for-profit, we must give a huge thank you to our supporters for their time.